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Not only is it perfect for a Sunday afternoon country lane blast it's light weight and propshaft driven rear axle mean that it's also equally happy in traffic. The Atomic is available as both a kit and as a turn key newly registered car in a wide range of colours and specifications.

The SVE Atomic has been designed with raw performance in mind. It is a single seater and has the engine placed at the side of the driver for perfect weight distribution. The donor vehicle is a Yamaha R1 motorbike (1998-2006) which gives the Atomic a power to weight ratio in the region of 400bhp/tonne. In May 2010 it passed it's IVA test which means that it can be driven on he road as well as on the track

"Performance, handling, road holding, to which the key is balance...

That's what the Atomic has in spades"

Ian Hyne. Kit Car Magazine