In the spring of 2009 the team at Exo started to manufacture the legendary Rocket kit car. It was exhibited by us at every major motoring event in the UK calendar and quickly gained a cult following.

The global sales potential for the Rocket was quickly realised and distribution was set up not only across Europe, but also in the USA, Australia and South Africa.

Over the last 8 years, the Rocket has been continually developed and improved by us and hundreds of Rockets have reached all corners of the globe. The original design, now known as the 'Rocket Classic' stands as testament to it's continued popularity, however, our creative needs meant that inevitably, we would design a new exo-skeletal vehicle and the 2016 Autosport Show was the
Rocket II's launch pad (pun fully intended)..

The SVE Rocket II was enthusiastically received by the show's visitors and now sells alongside the Rocket Classic.
It has been designed using a 3D modelling package. This technology is used in motorsports industries such as F1 and WEC. We have used this to design the chassis and the kinematic package to optimise the front suspension. In turn, the surfacing package has allowed us to match the bonnet to the chassis with stunning results. Our American distributor is currently furthering its development by installing a 300bhp Ford Ecoboost engine into a chassis in Texas.

Interest in the SVE Rocket II has been enormous and you can reserve your build slot now for £99.00
You can read a history of the Rocket kit car here

Images of the new nose below show digital surface modelling that has been used to create a perfect fit

Thrills are absolutely guaranteed and kit prices are only £8,795 for a standard kit.