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If you want bike performance with the safety of car like handling then you need look no further.
Simply buy a kit and add the oily bits from a Yamaha R1 or if that seems like a lot of bother,
then let Exo Sports Cars build one for you to your own specification.

The sensational Yamaha R1 motorcycle powered tR1ke has to be one of the most 'truly remarkable' looking vehicles that money can buy.
With over 430bhp/tonne power to weight ratio it must also be one of the quickest.
Couple that to extraordinary levels of grip due to the low centre of gravity and the simplicity of assembling the tR1ke then this could be just the kind of fun that your pocket money has been waiting for.

tR1ke facts:

Youngest tR1ke customer:
26 yrs old

Oldest tR1ke customer:
82 years old