Triabusa Specification

This car has been designed to give bike performance with the comfort of a conventional 2 seater sports car.

By designing a chassis to be immensely strong yet light we have achieved an incredibly low mass vehicle at only 365 kilos. Choices of power plant and tube thickness together with alloy suspension components have ensured the target of only one third of a ton was met.

The fully triangulated space frame chassis has been designed to achieve an extremely high level of torsional rigidity (twisting). The multi tubes arranged efficiently to absorb loads at the node points (nose of load) such as the roll hoop and suspension tops. Designed using computer simulated loads and then refined in real life testing at over 2000 ft lbs per degree of deflection.

The power plant chosen is from the Suzuki Hayabusa motor cycle. These units are not the most torquey in their field but do offer excellent value for money, more importantly an excellent power output for their weight. In standard guise these 1300/1360 units put out 185 bhp.
Add that amount of power to a car that only weighs in at a third of a ton and we are looking at a shattering 500 bhp per ton!

Ride quality is always a personal preference and so the Triabusa features fully adjustable suspension settings. The all round coil over shock absorbers can be adjusted in ride height and damping. Basically the perfect feel can be achieved to suit all drivers. Even the steering rack can be chosen to suit the driver, either the standard 3.8 turns lock to lock or the quicker 2.8 option.