The SVE Exotech Kit Price

Standard Kit - £4495 comprises:

Fully welded tubular space frame chassis ready to accept 1998 to 2005 MK1 Ford Focus 1.8/2.0 components

Protech fully adjustable shock absorbers complete with coil over springs.

Front and rear wishbones complete with poly bushes, crush tubes & ball joints.

Rear uprights to accept Ford front hubs and bearings

Alloy front uprights and hubs with radial brake caliper mount to accept Wilwood/Hi Spec/A.P. etc radial caliper

Rear alloy bulkhead, alloy centre console and alloy sheet for floor.

5 piece GRP set in the colour of your choice comprising: bonnet and 4 wings with mounting brackets (choice of styles)

Alloy radiator pipes (for front mounted radiator).

Twin fuel tanks

Steering column (used Ford Fiesta MK IV)

Steering rack complete with trackrod ends.

Brake, clutch and accelerator pedals

Brake master cylinders and balance bar

Vibratechnics engine and gearbox mounts

Optional Extras


  • Standard Seats GRP black or to match body colour £249 see here
  • Sports seats GRP black or to match body colour per pair £249 see here
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust system £395
  • Stainless steel manifold including cat £450
  • Full lighting set IVA O.K £239 or £359 with photon lights
  • MSA spec roll bar and bracing 48.3mm CDS) £199 (welded to chassis).
  • Zinc and powder coating to chassis/wishbones in choice of colours £499
  • Hi-Spec 4 pot brake calipers front £275
  • Hi-Spec 2 pot handbrake caliper rear £359
  • EBC green front brake pads £58
  • EBC green rear brake pads £35
  • Drilled and grooved brake disks front £119
  • Drilled and grooved brake disks rear £59
  • Quickrack steering rack kit £119
  • Front Aero wings £35 extra per pair see here
  • Front Aeromax wings £65 extra per pair see here
  • Infinitely variable camber adjusters on top/ lower rear bones see here £99
  • Fully adjusable front aero wings grp finish £239
  • Fully adjustable rear aerofoil £359
  • Left hand drive chassis and steering rack supplement £119
  • Vibratechnics road spec torsion mount £109
  • Vibratechnics competition spec torsion mount £114
  • Non standard colour £50.00 extra. To see colour chart click here

  • You will need to provide pipes, clips, rivets, screws, sealant & nuts & bolts but these can also be supplied at additional cost if requested

The EXOTECH is based on a Ford Focus MK1 although custom engine installations are possible

Comprehensive kit prices from £4495. Please contact us for further information